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Call It A Fiver - Monetise Skills / Talents Online!

Posted by redollie1066 at Thursday, 4 April 2013
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Call It A Fiver - Screenshot - Monetise Skills / Talents Online!
Screenshot - Service Offered on Call It A Fiver
Whilst surfing the internet looking for a way to monetise simple skills and talents online, we came across a website called Call It A Fiver, which is a platform for users to offer small or large scale services or products ranging from £5 to a £100.

The downside to a lot of sites like this is that you have to take a gamble on whether it's worth paying out to use them, well after registering and posting a service on the site we noticed that there is absolutely no listing fee, any product or service stays active until you decide to close it and the only time you are charged is when a sale is made (which is only 20% of the transaction amount, on a £5 sale that's only a £1!!!!).

Those that wish for their listings to stand out can opt for the Featured Item service which is currently charged at £9.99 for a 30 day period.

The thing that we liked most about this site is that it designed to be used by Individuals, Companies and Institutions internationally - your service/product could be anything from car cleaning, installation of custom android software, RPG game tutorials, hand made gifts - or anything else useful that people would be willing to pay for.

A lot of people are nervous to use the internet when it comes to selling online (which is completely understandable due to the numerous fraud / scam stories we have all heard about), but we found that Call It A Fiver use the Paypal service (SSL - find out how secure Paypal is - click here) when it comes to all transactions taking place on their website, which means that all money is transferred securely.

Check out callitafiver.co.uk, there is no charge to join and it's really worth taking the time to cash in on any skills or talents you may have, you may just find that your service / product is a good little earner for you.